Where we left off

Losing you felt like the last breath I had to wake my comatose heart up And remind myself it had more beating to do. More wins. More overcoming. It wasn’t a gunshot to the heart The pain was just stunning. We used to be ...... We used to beat as one You were my light … Continue reading Where we left off


Play On Playa

There’s a thousand you’s and only one of me. I’m what the crowd views, but you’re the one I see I could arouse you but won’t sweep you off your feet You see I’ve been with too many to settle down To picture you in a wedding gown Perfect picture posture Kodak moments fit ya proper Selfies … Continue reading Play On Playa

I wished to live forever... My dreams are always of death. On Earth i float amongst the stars But i can’t get close I witness from afar The burnouts are beautiful chaos Some collapse upon themselves I just watch as people gravitate towards the darkness. All I can do is watch.