Black in America

America my dear.. Keep our souls near. Too many shirts saying Rest In Peace You see me as a lesser me. How can that be? It seems like genocide. At least from my eyes. I don't blame white people For not seeing us as equals. We've been desensitized Black people dying is so common that … Continue reading Black in America


Capturing Scattered Thoughts

I don't know what you see in me I hope its more than the scenery its quite possible here is where i need to be sometimes.. i feel flustered cause my mind is constantly cluttered full of thoughts i never uttered you got me finding euphoria while surrounded by paranoia you never cease to amaze … Continue reading Capturing Scattered Thoughts

Sandcastles (poem)

Long walks on the beachLooking into your eyes I stretch out and reachMy hand lands with yours beside My only demand is yours in mine.Nothing else in mind.Children take their timeBuilding their sandcastles. We kick them over and laughLet's spend the whole day together. Wishing that we remain forever.You sit in your throne, higher than any other woman could … Continue reading Sandcastles (poem)

Silent Pleas

You ever been defeated? So many times to the point where it depleted you? Almost deleted you? Me either.. I guess i just lied to the reader. Lied to myself as usual. I've filed down my nails to the cuticles so I no longer cut myself. How is it, that i love everyone but myself? … Continue reading Silent Pleas

Too Young

I was too young You were young too but ... I was too young What can I say? What do you want me to say? That was back in the day, them Acura days. When I was acting afraid. You happened to say your favorite phrase, "Punk you hatin" then said "I missed my period" … Continue reading Too Young

Each time, i feel we grow & come back to what we know. More than just the highs and lows.. Don't get caught up in the moment, moments always fade. I'm not trying to go forward to look back like "damn, I should have stayed." I could keep pictures to relive the memories but I'd … Continue reading

Hell On Earth

Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn. Heavens beauty is that of a child being born. I reside in purgatory. Dantes Inferno. You've heard this story. Who's to say Hell is any worse than earth Take it word by word, verse by verse. Same sex marriage is still taboo Infidelity has become a normality. … Continue reading Hell On Earth

Art (poem)

This paper is my canvas. These words, my paint. Each letter dances, while thoughts march in like saints. I hold my brush, but can't seem to keep steady. No tears flow though, I've sculpted a strong levy. Now my wrists seems too heavy This weight is equal to that of an anvil. Shove my face … Continue reading Art (poem)


It seems that every thought that crosses my mind Is constructed with the same design I hope I'm on your brain Because you're imprinted on mine I can have different point of views But with everything I do The only point is you I'm trapped in a room and the walls are made of mirrors... … Continue reading Mirrors

Suicide – Do Or Die. ( poem)

At 12 years old I was contemplating suicide. I get silent when those conversations do arise I was thinking do or die, because each day felt like being crucified Who am i? A boy who's every breath rips him piece by piece. This boy has never left but he keeps his peace. A smile always … Continue reading Suicide – Do Or Die. ( poem)