Play On Playa

There’s a thousand you’s and only one of me. I’m what the crowd views, but you’re the one I see I could arouse you but won’t sweep you off your feet You see I’ve been with too many to settle down To picture you in a wedding gown Perfect picture posture Kodak moments fit ya proper Selfies … Continue reading Play On Playa


Morning Coffee

You made me forget Rhythm And  Rhyme Formation and syllables Keeping Thought Aligned Learning from a queen  I  Got Information This realist was ready to reenlist With my miss I'll walk confidently through  all levels of our awaiting inferno My morning coffee You give me a reason to wake up, But you make it that … Continue reading Morning Coffee

If I Never Met You

To love and have lost is better than to have never have loved at all. But if I never tasted chocolate I wouldn't know what I was missing. If I never had sex I would still be satisfied with kissing  If I never took a breath I wouldn't care to go fishing. And if I … Continue reading If I Never Met You

I Am Happy, That’s Just The Saddest Lie (poem)

I forgot I did this.

Eric Jordan Campbell

I don’t listen to love songs now,
So that I don’t think of you….
I try to turn away from these feelings
But somehow I’m always facing you
Shit I’m still wishing you put your hand into mine let our fingers intertwine as our hearts realign
I am happy, that’s just the saddest lie
A constant smile on my face
Feelings I wish I could erase
Drinking liquor with no chase
Taking blunts to the face
Wait. .
I don’t even do this
My “no” seems useless
Killing my insides
Because the pain is so ruthless.
I won’t be defined by the blinds because you can’t see the signs of my hands that I want you in mine so I keep you in mind
I am happy, that’s just the saddest lie
A master of masking my pain
A wimp because I simp to the pain
My friends won’t notice

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Sandcastles (poem)

Long walks on the beachLooking into your eyes I stretch out and reachMy hand lands with yours beside My only demand is yours in mine.Nothing else in mind.Children take their timeBuilding their sandcastles. We kick them over and laughLet's spend the whole day together. Wishing that we remain forever.You sit in your throne, higher than any other woman could … Continue reading Sandcastles (poem)

Bed Peace

Staring at your hour glass shape. Not caring it's an hour past 8. 2 hours past late for work and I didn't call in. You got something I could slip and fall in. I don't want to leave this bed. My peace. My serenity. Maybe I'm forming a dependency.  I watch you close like an … Continue reading Bed Peace

Too Young To Care

How I got images to uphold,I still got images to upload, My Instagram don't once close.Last year I had to ask to use the bathroom in schoolNow you expect me to make real life decisionsHow can you blame me for acting a foolTextbooks are bibles. I studied what was written.What was written doesn't help me … Continue reading Too Young To Care

Silent Pleas

You ever been defeated? So many times to the point where it depleted you? Almost deleted you? Me either.. I guess i just lied to the reader. Lied to myself as usual. I've filed down my nails to the cuticles so I no longer cut myself. How is it, that i love everyone but myself? … Continue reading Silent Pleas

Too Young

I was too young You were young too but ... I was too young What can I say? What do you want me to say? That was back in the day, them Acura days. When I was acting afraid. You happened to say your favorite phrase, "Punk you hatin" then said "I missed my period" … Continue reading Too Young