You are in the process of self destructing. You are severing your hands and arms  Trying to hang onto someone who doesn't want you. Breaking your back Carrying relationships That give you little in return.



I wonder how many crayons I broke in half attempting to draw the perfect picture. One that looks so life-like. Attempting to color you back in my life like this rainbow never used to be black and white. I've become sketches and outlines. This plateau used to be alpines.

How To Raise A Black Boy

Does the juxtaposition of the words "Black” “Lives” &”Matter" make you upset? Black bodies hanging from poplar trees, would you have wept? When a black child is murdered by police, Do you ask "why" or "why didn't he get on his knees" When armed shooters with lack of color Are still allowed to see their … Continue reading How To Raise A Black Boy