The Hardest Part.

The hardest part was writing you love letters you didn't care to read. I sent my love. You put the unopened envelope into a new one with my address and sent it back. Just to show me you received it, You just didn't care to read.



You were never jaded Never worn down Or torn after all these years Artwork standing intact  Workmanship like you is slowly fading extinct  Ever since sixteen candles decorated your cake You've reminded me of the Sistine Chapel You were pristine battles where bullets of sweat and paint landed exactly where they were meant to. Finding … Continue reading Pristine

How To Raise A Black Boy

Does the juxtaposition of the words "Black” “Lives” &”Matter" make you upset? Black bodies hanging from poplar trees, would you have wept? When a black child is murdered by police, Do you ask "why" or "why didn't he get on his knees" When armed shooters with lack of color Are still allowed to see their … Continue reading How To Raise A Black Boy

Silent Pleas

Have you ever been defeated So many times To the point where it depleted you Almost deleted you from existence Me either. I guess I just lied to the reader Lied to myself as usual I've filed down my nails to the cuticles So i can no longer cut myself How is it, i love … Continue reading Silent Pleas

This Could Be Us But You Playing

That could be us but you playing. That would be nice why you delaying. You say all the right things And do all of the wrong All of the lies you sing Got me replaying your songs Perfection in no discretion in our mannerisms Affections with no rejection. Can you listen? See me for me … Continue reading This Could Be Us But You Playing

Play On Playa

There's a thousand you's and only one of me. I'm what the crowd views, but you're the one I see I could arouse you but won't sweep you off your feet You see I've been with too many to settle down To picture you in a wedding gown Perfect picture posture Kodak moments fit ya proper Selfies … Continue reading Play On Playa