Art (poem)

This paper is my canvas. These words, my paint. Each letter dances, while thoughts march in like saints. I hold my brush, but can't seem to keep steady. No tears flow though, I've sculpted a strong levy. Now my wrists seems too heavy This weight is equal to that of an anvil. Shove my face … Continue reading Art (poem)



It seems that every thought that crosses my mind Is constructed with the same design I hope I'm on your brain Because you're imprinted on mine I can have different point of views But with everything I do The only point is you I'm trapped in a room and the walls are made of mirrors... … Continue reading Mirrors

You Know You Know

I'm sending you my love so embrace me like an envelope I'm focused like a telescope The distance only made my vision clearer¬† Even when you're inches away I want you nearer We're too big to fail.¬† If you're blind to my words At least my love is in braille Wait, don't leave, cause no … Continue reading You Know You Know

Suicide – Do Or Die. ( poem)

At 12 years old I was contemplating suicide. I get silent when those conversations do arise I was thinking do or die, because each day felt like being crucified Who am i? A boy who's every breath rips him piece by piece. This boy has never left but he keeps his peace. A smile always … Continue reading Suicide – Do Or Die. ( poem)

Your Type of Thing.. (poem)

I saw nothing special in you when our eyes first connected Falling in love with you was something I expected If I had the chance to re-do it all Your heart would still be neglected If only you knew you were all But my love couldn't be perfected. My vision was clear since the beginning … Continue reading Your Type of Thing.. (poem)

All Is Fair In Love And War

All is fair in love and war we come out with bruises and scars but what are we fighting for we used to shine amongst the stars but shine wears off in time even the blind can see the signs 'til death do us part that was the agreement I forever hold your heart that … Continue reading All Is Fair In Love And War

Love Symphony (poem)

What is this admiration? You are my aspiration. So if this is my chance to tell you, There will be no hesitation Let your whispers be my bedtime story As you lay on my chest in all your glory All the intimacy With twice the intricacy Captivate my attention with each word that leaves your … Continue reading Love Symphony (poem)

Bermuda Triangle / Love lost (Poem)

I look into your eyes and your soul seems vacant. I pray to God I'm mistaken But I know you all too well. Didn't wanna fall but I fell. Way before I had any control Back when you still had a soul. Not many come out alive Few survive once they enter. The cause of … Continue reading Bermuda Triangle / Love lost (Poem)

Corpse (poem)

As I transition from child to teenager young man with no plan Into grown man to old man into a corpse that's cold I want to be able to look back at all the forks in the road and be proud I chose the right path Evading evil temptation They feed this generation. Will I … Continue reading Corpse (poem)

Cold Showers

Mom and dad's arguing woke me up again The same sound I fell asleep to I have friends but still no one to really speak to This transparent wall nobody cares to see through Morning light shines on these dead flowers Another week of cold showers But I'm grateful There's still food on the table … Continue reading Cold Showers