How To Raise A Black Boy

Does the juxtaposition of the words "Black” “Lives” &”Matter" make you upset? Black bodies hanging from poplar trees, would you have wept? When a black child is murdered by police, Do you ask "why" or "why didn't he get on his knees" When armed shooters with lack of color Are still allowed to see their … Continue reading How To Raise A Black Boy



Faded Fuck i'm faded Can't fee my face I said I would quit and i intend to But you don't know the shit that i been through Texts that i shouldn't send you Cause if I was sober Girl if i was sober I wouldn't be comparing you to a four leaf clover If it … Continue reading Vices


As I transition from child to teenager, into young man with no plan Into grown man to old man into a corpse that’s cold I want to be able to look back at all the forks in the road and be proud I chose the right path Evading evil temptation Spoon-fed to this generation. Will I … Continue reading Corpse