Thoughts. Honesty.

I’ve decided to only open my lanes of communication as I so choose It’s imperative to my sanity The thoughts that run through my head are often too much to also allow me time to process the things others say or do. I dont care about celebrities and their escapades. My time and thoughts will … Continue reading Thoughts. Honesty.


Play On Playa

There’s a thousand you’s and only one of me. I’m what the crowd views, but you’re the one I see I could arouse you but won’t sweep you off your feet You see I’ve been with too many to settle down To picture you in a wedding gown Perfect picture posture Kodak moments fit ya proper Selfies … Continue reading Play On Playa

Souvenir (Love Is A Battlefield)

You can have my broken heart as a souvenir Its in need of a few repairs. And the motor needs to be replaced. A couple scars and battle wounds can be erased. Are you willing to put the work in? You can say yes, but I won’t know for certain Pain built up after a … Continue reading Souvenir (Love Is A Battlefield)