Long walks on the beach
Looking into your eyes

I stretch out and reach

My hand lands with yours beside

My only demand is yours in mine.

Nothing else in mind.

Children take their time

Building their sandcastles.

We kick them over and laugh

Let’s spend the whole day together.

Wishing that we remain forever.

You sit in your throne, higher than any other woman could ever be.

I’m your King, you, my Queen deserve the better me.

We’re out of the country but this is such a beautiful state.

Seems as though time is moving at an unusual pace.

Let’s band together and march to the beat of our hearts.

If we stand together how could we fall apart?

Things change.

Times change.

People do too.

I never thought

I’d see the day

Where I see through, you..




It All Falls Down.

Things Fall Apart.

Cracks in your crown,

Pierce in my heart.

I wish you were mine.

I wish to be blind.

Because now I’m finding

The castle I spent my precious time designing

was made of sand..

You kicked it over and laughed. 


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