Hunters Refuge

I’ve listened to every love song imaginable. Fantasized about fatherhood and envisioned a family.

I’ve chased this dream and left a trail of ruins.

Seldomly looking back to help the ones I’ve hurt

I’ve tried to love and failed.

But to love, is to be vulnerable 

and vulnerability and I have never seen eye to eye.

I can’t even let people in past a certain surface level.

But you, you could level me with your eyes.

States of Matter

You admitted you were as cold as ice.
You briefly allowed me hold you.

It shocked me a little

You melted on contact with my palm.

You slipped through my fingers

I wasn’t surprised.


I wonder how many crayons I broke in half
attempting to draw the perfect picture.

One that looks so life-like.

Attempting to color you back in my life like

this rainbow never used to be black and white.

I’ve become sketches and outlines.

This plateau used to be alpines.