Adam and Eve

I knew women were strong when I read God had split an atom with Eve
I heard the story differently

I was taught of an adamant Eve

Who not only had a degree

Or three

But who taught me to speak

So forgive me if every word I utter is praise towards the black women.

My god.

I pray for the black women.

That I was could one day have the strength to match that of a black woman.

They remind us as black men, our strengths are jumping and running

But I would never jump or run away

You feel like summer days

Perfectly tempered air I could breathe until the end of my days.

Cell Walls

Have you ever witnessed how when a person is in prison for long enough they forget how to live in the free world? Our normality is odd to them. Commit a harmless crime to go back to prison. That’s where I find myself with you.

You are my prison.

These bars make me feel safe.

Life without these fights just feels strange.

You’ve been my solace for years.

Why would I leave?