You put on such an impeccable facade.

Men and women alike

Fall for your illustrious mirage.

If only you knew

The voodoo you do.

As others bow to your feet,

I see you’re incomplete.

The pain in your eyes.

Too ashamed to cry

So you show disdain to the sky

There’s a void that you can’t hide behind your smile.



Tuck you in at night. 

look at me with wide eyes.
The face you wear is usually a frown
yet when you see me, you excercise different muscles.
pedestal you put me on 
makes it hard to balance
I am the bottom of the totem pole.
I am not your father.
I am not his replacement 
His accomplishments are not mine
I could only wish to have a daughter of your stature. 

Diamond In The Rough

Still thinking the things my lips can’t say. You may not be flawless but it seems that way. The little things count the most, and I’ll never let go of my hope. Just another poem about you I’ll never finish, because if this isn’t our thing then I’m wasting minutes. Give it a second. When it comes to chances, can I be given a second? They say time teaches, I’ve learned my lesson.

Swan Song

Silence in the room

As tears run down the face of every individual

Not a single happy tune plays in a time so difficult

Nothing but sighs and sobs

We look for consolidation we might find in God
The years we’ve spent

The tears we’ve lent

The fears we’ve bent

The cheers we’ve sent

Are nothing more than memories.

But the love, the love is given endlessly

Searching for broad shoulders to lean on

Memories I Can Still Taste 

Is this what you wanted?

Did it play out how you planned it?

You’re right I never flaunted

That wasn’t reason enough to panic.

I don’t get your explanation 

I see the signs of desperation 

This isn’t making sense

Why are you focused on things I can’t control

I never wanted to play no games 

I just wanted to console

I won’t say no names

But when you see this you will know

We started playing house

So I started laying bricks

Started feeling way too real

Couldn’t end the night without a kiss

Dead End / No Outlet

Our love was so passionate
Cause we knew it wouldn’t last for shit 
I can see the pain in the corners of your eyes
A room so spacious, but in the corner you reside 
Even with all the proof against me you would never testify
With all the truths they tempt me but my eyes would never tell a lie
With all the stupid elementary thoughts we would try to touch the sky
Caught between growing up and growing old
At what point do we stop following what we’re told
How could I resist, dismiss the thoughts of you
How could I have missed, this bliss I’ve fall into 

Life Is The Longest Thing We’ll Ever Do

How do you console a person who just lost their mother.

What comforting words can you say to the lady who’s baby daughter just died.

That’s a love lost like no other

A heart where emptiness will always reside

No matter how much we think we understand we really don’t

Providing a shoulder to cry on, you seem like a soldier in Zion

Everyone figures a different way to cope with a loss

For me I’m in denial, so that hope isn’t lost

The day it occurs until the burial are the worst

And every single day in between is just as mean

Dry tear stains on our shirts

Never ending sadness, or so it seems

I never saw this coming

Wish I could replace the last words I said to you

The tears just keep running.

Why couldn’t it be me instead of you..

But to the loved ones who are still alive,

Let me be the reason for smiles not why tears fill your eyes..

I’ll give you the best of me

Before I rest in peace

For Sale?

I am not a prostitute.

So why do I find myself

Trying to sell myself to you? 

Advertising my best qualities 

I catch myself dropping subtle hints 

Attempting to sew a seed in your head 

A reminder that I can make you feel good.

Sea Of Lights

I stood in the streets of Atlanta with brothers and sisters whose names I do not know

Mourning the unjust death of yet another family member. 

This happens so often you could not guess which instance I’m talking about.

As I stood there watching the sea of blue lights approaching like crashing waves

We were unwavered sand. 

Refusing to move just because the roar said so.