You put on such an impeccable facade. Men and women alike Fall for your illustrious mirage. If only you knew The voodoo you do. As others bow to your feet, I see you're incomplete. The pain in your eyes. Too ashamed to cry So you show disdain to the sky There's a void that you … Continue reading Facade


Tuck you in at night. 

You look at me with wide eyes. The face you wear is usually a frown yet when you see me, you excercise different muscles. This pedestal you put me on  makes it hard to balance I am the bottom of the totem pole. I am not your father. I am not his replacement  His accomplishments … Continue reading Tuck you in at night. 

Memories I Can Still Taste 

Is this what you wanted? Did it play out how you planned it? You're right I never flaunted That wasn't reason enough to panic. I don't get your explanation  I see the signs of desperation  This isn't making sense Why are you focused on things I can't control I never wanted to play no games  … Continue reading Memories I Can Still Taste 

Life Is The Longest Thing We’ll Ever Do

How do you console a person who just lost their mother. What comforting words can you say to the lady who's baby daughter just died. That's a love lost like no other A heart where emptiness will always reside No matter how much we think we understand we really don't Providing a shoulder to cry … Continue reading Life Is The Longest Thing We’ll Ever Do

For Sale?

I am not a prostitute. So why do I find myself Trying to sell myself to you?  Advertising my best qualities  I catch myself dropping subtle hints  Attempting to sew a seed in your head  A reminder that I can make you feel good.