Nature Feels

Raindrops hit my skin

Pain stops within

I feel nothing

I feel everything

Though this is a climax,

It feels settling.

There are no time constraints

Out here, no mind constraints

I feel free

I feel me


Been hiding me

A crowd of people

Some not allowed a sequel

Say the shit don’t matter

Well this is all fecal

Some are predators, others prey

Death, and reproduction every other day


Neither of us know who’s bed this is.But that’s not our concern amidst the constant music and joyous bodies outside that locked door

As you lie on this bed I see the whole world

I see mountains that I’ve moved just 30 minutes ago

I see a valley that rises and falls

Small puddles and lakes all over your globe

Two hills that no man has ever seen previously 

And rivers everflowing from your eyes until they meet the edge of the earth

And I ask what’s wrong as I attempt to be your therapist

But if I split that word in two I’d find my true calling.

The Revolution Will Be Televised

Fury raced through my veins as the verdict was read

Year after year spent thinking the black man will get ahead.

Guess my imagination has been running wild

Because how do you justify a man taking the life of a child

Its not possible.

Not probable.

My skin color seems to be another obstacle.

Woosah, let it burn.

Stand your ground.. Stand firm

I won’t burn my city

But I’ll burn this flag

I was taught to turn the other cheek,

I allow you to kiss my ass.

I shut my mouth and let this one pass.

But, wait, I’m not you.

I never wore your shoes

Don’t know the mud you got through…

You don’t know the roads I’ve traveled.

Don’t know the baggage I’ve carried or the hassle.

Change will come eventually..


Let’s take matters into our own hands,

I’ve killed the child inside me and became a grown man.

Pops taught me that this gun doesn’t make me a man

Use my mind to fight instead of my hands.

How many cowards have screamed out black power?

Your tendency to respond with white supremacy.

That’s what makes us enemies.

Remember me…

The clothes I wear don’t make me.

The color of my skin made you hate me.

That may be the past but you expect me to trust YOU faithfully?

Good joke.

No hope.

No justice, no peace.

I won’t sleep.

I had dreams from a young age,

I wouldn’t be a nigga involved in gun play

I would further my knowledge

Graduate from college

Change the world for the better

But right now I’m writing my brother this letter

He’s in jail for a drug charge. 

Serving a couple years hard.

I laugh though nothings funny

Because while my eyes and nose are runny

My neighbor served no time for child molestation

He walks these streets without hesitation.

And my brother lost his life

That’s equality right?

This is not me blaming any single person or race in particular for the problems in this country. However, this is me, hoping one day we can band together and stand up for EACH OTHER. Any slightly educated human being knows the difference between moral & immoral.

We know what’s right and what’s wrong. Nothing will change unless WE make the change happen.