Nature Feels

Raindrops hit my skin Pain stops within I feel nothing I feel everything Though this is a climax, It feels settling. There are no time constraints Out here, no mind constraints I feel free I feel me Society's Been hiding me A crowd of people Some not allowed a sequel Say the shit don't matter … Continue reading Nature Feels



Neither of us know who's bed this is.But that's not our concern amidst the constant music and joyous bodies outside that locked door As you lie on this bed I see the whole world I see mountains that I've moved just 30 minutes ago I see a valley that rises and falls Small puddles and … Continue reading Therapist

The Revolution Will Be Televised

Fury raced through my veins as the verdict was read Year after year spent thinking the black man will get ahead. Guess my imagination has been running wild Because how do you justify a man taking the life of a child Its not possible. Not probable. My skin color seems to be another obstacle. Woosah, … Continue reading The Revolution Will Be Televised