Understanding The Power In You.

Douse restrictions in gasoline and set fire to boundaries.
We used to fake snore until he was sound asleep

To sweep up behind his mistakes 

In attempts to make him great

But tables turned at the turn of the century

When we no longer had to live nightmares where we’d jail our dreams 

We met freedom

Became close friends with liberation 

Being married, is not the pinnacle

Single at 30 is no longer a stigma

But a celebration 

The difference between 




He needs you more than you want him.

A year later…

I raced through the streets of New York thinking I could find you
I paced the streets of Atlanta hoping to remind you
I raved through all of Chicago knowing we had died too.

48 hours

You trap me here and ask me to speak on what I’ve seen
If I open my mouth I know blood will run out so I bite my teeth
I’m not a witness, Jesus is my savior
Selling out is like selling souls 
And either way that ship has sailed 
You can promise gold 
I can’t use it when my organs fail.


This isn’t how its supposed to be.. Why are there still clothes on me. You’re here but you aren’t close to me. We’ve never been so distant. You say that I chose to leave. I remember it different. I’ve been thinking, its better to know. The feelings sink in and never let go. The heaviest of anchors. Best friends become strangers. I never sensed the danger and I can’t explain the anger built up inside. Now I get an unfamiliar vibe making me feel less alive. I attempt to recollect a few memories and recall your tendencies but .. Now .. I just sense an enemy. Both eyes open but you can’t see my soul. I’ve lead a bit of a hard life, seen it can be cold. If I play my cards right, I’ll never have to fold. I can tell each time you bluff because I used to be the reason you blushed I gave you a reason to love.. These are just thoughts, I’ll never say them. My thoughts at 2:28am

Morning Coffee

You made me forget




Formation and syllables




Learning from a queen 



This realist was ready to reenlist

With my miss I’ll walk confidently through 

all levels of our awaiting inferno.

My morning coffee

You give me a reason to wake up,

But you also make it that much harder to leave this bed.



Do you remember when weekdays were made for Mai Tais? And all my time was spent with eyes wide trying to find where God could’ve made a flaw in you. 

Bedtime Story

Our story

Consisted of all points necessary for a story.

Freytags Pyramid was followed precisely.

Our story 

Consisted of as little dialogue as possible 

Instead of ink

The words were written in drops of sweat

We made love

You spoke in a foreign tongue 

I responded with a tongue you knew well

Words I Took Too Long To Say

I meant every word I ever said to you . Every single one. My sentences never had punctuation because I’m not a fan of putting an end to something that isn’t over yet; that’s why semicolons exist. When we spoke, every breath I inhaled had the effects of opium and every breath I exhaled screamed “I love you”.