Fuck i’m faded
Can’t fee my face
I said I would quit and i intend to
But you don’t know the shit that i been through
Texts that i shouldn’t send you
Cause if I was sober
Girl if i was sober
I wouldn’t be comparing you to a four leaf clover
If it was different
and you weren’t so distant
Well then you’d be closer
Nothing clever rhymes with closer
Only the truth comes out, followed by a hangover
At this moment I’m most at peace,
Feel no defeat,
This po’ etry
Po’ me another cup
Po me another what?
Whatever you got is good,
I’m not much for labels
Not doing what i should
But im no angel
Every time you come back in town
I come back around and we act as how
Nothings changed
Nothings changed?
How the fuck you been?
I ain’t heard from you in months
But in no time you back on my dick
And i’ll suck on your cunt.
Cause no this ever happened
You ain’t never disappeared
Cause love and the pain of losing it, you feared
… backspace deleted. that was too much honesty
But fuck it who’s been replacing me honestly.
I won’t lie like i wasn’t dressed up
Bowtie on bitches impressed by us
But I’d trade it all in for you fucking time
Only you titillate my fucking mind


I Am Happy, That’s Just The Saddest Lie (poem)

I forgot I did this.

Eric Jordan Campbell

I don’t listen to love songs now,
So that I don’t think of you….
I try to turn away from these feelings
But somehow I’m always facing you
Shit I’m still wishing you put your hand into mine let our fingers intertwine as our hearts realign
I am happy, that’s just the saddest lie
A constant smile on my face
Feelings I wish I could erase
Drinking liquor with no chase
Taking blunts to the face
Wait. .
I don’t even do this
My “no” seems useless
Killing my insides
Because the pain is so ruthless.
I won’t be defined by the blinds because you can’t see the signs of my hands that I want you in mine so I keep you in mind
I am happy, that’s just the saddest lie
A master of masking my pain
A wimp because I simp to the pain
My friends won’t notice

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As I transition from child to teenager, into young man with no plan
Into grown man to old man into a corpse that’s cold
I want to be able to look back at all the forks in the road
and be proud I chose the right path
Evading evil temptation
Spoon-fed to this generation.
Will I be content with my choices
When you send your rejoices?