Play On Playa

There’s a thousand you’s and only one of me.
I’m what the crowd views, but you’re the one I see
I could arouse you but won’t sweep you off your feet
You see
I’ve been with too many to settle down
To picture you in a wedding gown
Perfect picture posture
Kodak moments fit ya proper
Selfies on South Beach of our feet
And your hair blowing in the wind
Brazilian tan glowing on your skin
Eiffel Tower behind ya
Cold shower remind ya
I’ve been the other nigga one too many times hun
Her man calling while my dick is raw inside her.
And at that moment “deeper” is her only desire
Once I sense myself falling
And allowed it
Incapable again of being that man calling
Insatiable pain last time that’s why I’m stalling
You bitches are fucking evil.
The most vindictive of people.
But you want me to love and trust
What about touch and lust
Cause those random fucks a rush
One night stand
No names exchanged
Our tied hands
No shame remains
I COULD let you in,
You’ll think you can rescue him
Nah, alert my next of kin
Time of death, 4:47am
I cant live a lie
Damned by my pride
Another lie
It’s not pride
Just my defensive side
Your pensive eyes.
Just give it up…
Give it up.

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