Hell On Earth

Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn.
Heavens beauty is that of a child being born.
I reside in purgatory.
Dantes Inferno. You’ve heard this story.
Who’s to say Hell is any worse than earth
Take it word by word, verse by verse.
Same sex marriage is still taboo
Infidelity has become a normality.
Black words on a white page. Thats pretty racy. True?
These martyrs are now forgotten casualties.
The devil has shown me things
I would have otherwise never seen.
I suppose ignorance is bliss.
Don’t taste that fruit.
Information withheld.
The tastiest juice.
So I deserve hell?
Maybe that’s what I desire then.
These horns adorn this man doused in flames.
Take me to a place I’ve never been.
Although I don’t know your name.
But I refuse to put my faith in someone who’s wiped out my people before…
This may not be the best choice, but how dumb of me to make the same mistake as before.

Art (poem)

This paper is my canvas.

These words, my paint.

Each letter dances,

while thoughts march in like saints.

I hold my brush,

but can’t seem to keep steady.

No tears flow though,

I’ve sculpted a strong levy.

Now my wrists seems too heavy

This weight is equal to that of an anvil.

Shove my face into an anthill

to numb the pain.

Put that picture in another frame…

I want to weave my web so intricate

to explain a love for life so infinite.

My deepest sentiments…