It seems that every thought that crosses my mind
Is constructed with the same design
I hope I’m on your brain
Because you’re imprinted on mine
I can have different point of views
But with everything I do
The only point is you
I’m trapped in a room and the walls are made of mirrors…
I’ve had plenty separate visions but this is clearer
I suppose this is permanent
Now I see the light and wonder where the curtains went
And why they tried to fight
I’ve been evading this for so long
And I don’t even know why
Continuously escaping when I should’ve tried to hold on.
But instead I told lies.
I see you even when I change directions
I see you beside me in my reflection
You see me and accept my imperfections…
I want to save this image
Proof that real love doesn’t diminish
You know all of my secrets.
I won’t let this glass fall to pieces
If we ever chipped or cracked or even shattered
I’d pick up each bit real fast as they scattered
I’d accept every cut and try to put us together
I shouldn’t have rejected our forever
Kings and their men
May not be able to put it together again
But my faith, my love, and my hope can.