3:21am on Acid

You are to me what magnets are to a compass.
I’ll never underestimate the things we can accomplish. The Bonnie to my Clyde, always by my side. My accomplice. 
I don’t want to get attached. Don’t want to learn to depend on you then be left to drown in the deep end. This is where the weak ends. But i’ll still see you on the weekends. Your friends still trying to peek in, put in opinions on something they didn’t put in on. Well go ahead and listen to em. I thought you were different from em. Party on. Party on. Prom night nigga.

You Know You Know

I’m sending you my love so embrace me like an envelope
I’m focused like a telescope
The distance only made my vision clearer 
Even when you’re inches away I want you nearer
We’re too big to fail. 
If you’re blind to my words
At least my love is in braille
Wait, don’t leave, cause no scale can bare that so I know I couldn’t.