All Is Fair In Love And War

All is fair in love and war

we come out with bruises and scars

but what are we fighting for

we used to shine amongst the stars

but shine wears off in time

even the blind can see the signs

’til death do us part

that was the agreement

I forever hold your heart

that alone is an achievement

neither of us can come out of this unscathed

occasionally we’ll travel along roads unpaved

but i love you nonetheless

and we’ll continue to progress.

Love Symphony (poem)

What is this admiration?
You are my aspiration.
So if this is my chance to tell you,
There will be no hesitation
Let your whispers be my bedtime story
As you lay on my chest in all your glory
All the intimacy
With twice the intricacy
Captivate my attention with each word that leaves your lips
I’ll orchestrate your ascension as my hands hold your hips.
Speak a little louder your words flow like lyrics
Your aura alone gives faith to the cynics
They may be abnormal actions but I love your antics
And as long as you’re in my ear I promise to never panic.

The Stars In The Sky, My Heart In Your Eyes (poetry)

I’ve never seen a smile so perfect…
I put in the time and effort
But I’ve never met a girl so worth it
A driving force for me to be better.
I’m waiting to call you mine
it already feels as though our hearts are intertwined
If you ever need a hand, put yours into mine
It’s like the Gods made the stars align
and made you, the most beautiful constellation
If we ever become one, there won’t be any separation.

Bermuda Triangle / Love lost (Poem)

I look into your eyes and your soul seems vacant.
I pray to God I’m mistaken
But I know you all too well.
Didn’t wanna fall but I fell.
Way before I had any control
Back when you still had a soul.
Not many come out alive
Few survive once they enter.
The cause of death for so many guys.
You have long nails and a short temper
A perfect mixture of innocence and viciousness
But the way your hair flows is so intricate
The love feels infinite
Yet, somehow, not at all intimate.
What a shame isn’t it?

Corpse (poem)

As I transition from child to teenager young man with no plan
Into grown man to old man into a corpse that’s cold
I want to be able to look back at all the forks in the road
and be proud I chose the right path
Evading evil temptation
They feed this generation.
Will I be content with my choices
When you send your rejoices?

Cold Showers

Mom and dad’s arguing woke me up again
The same sound I fell asleep to
I have friends
but still no one to really speak to
This transparent wall nobody cares to see through
Morning light shines on these dead flowers
Another week of cold showers
But I’m grateful
There’s still food on the table
So who am I to complain
First day of school and nobody knows my name
Ah shit, lunch time who am I gonna sit with
Seeing pretty chick’s to put on my wish list
Dressed in all their lipstick
I think deeply of these shallow bitches.
Small kid from a big city but moved to a small town.
Watching everything in my life fall down.
I just bound closer with my brothers
While my father distanced himself from my mother.
Just turned 14 now I’m the man of the house
Shit I can’t even properly put food in my mouth
I’ll put on this facade mama
This shit doesn’t affect me
Please see through this facade mama
I still need you to protect me.
anger towards my dad cause my mom was tweakin
That’s probably when our bond was weakened
He was always a good dad though so my life’s still decent
So who the fuck am I to complain.
Everything can’t be perfect
Around this time I forgot my name
Everything was worthless
I did not kill but I popped pills
Addiction is not the thrill
But this empty space in my mind… a lot was filled
Now I take cold showers to remind myself
… just to find myself.
Realign myself
because I haven’t completely defined myself.
I’ll just be optimistic
I still got to piss in.
College submission but i’ll never learn submission
Just a bigger sea to fish in.
I don’t have to be superman to get Lois
Look at Peter Griffin