Seek And You Will Find (poem)

You never believed a thing I told you Guess you felt it was a dream that sold you Regardless of the fact I never did you wrong Never believed in me and now you're gone At times it seemed You would search for things to argue about I was your fiend The anger and disbelief … Continue reading Seek And You Will Find (poem)


Temptation (poem)

I wake up every morning looking into the face of my queen. The most precious thing I've ever seen. And it never gets old. The filling to my hole. She makes me whole. Completely completes me. Always receives me. & never deceives me. Don't ever leave me. I pray I remain unaffected by this plague … Continue reading Temptation (poem)

Bitches/Niggas Aint Shit (poem)

I have trust issues Seen you with enough tissue To be honest I hate this We say bitches/niggas aint shit Hoping someone comes along Able to prove us wrong But nothing changes at all Pretty, unfamiliar faces You still wait for the call Look around at unfamiliar places. nothing changed But its not the same. … Continue reading Bitches/Niggas Aint Shit (poem)

2:28am (poem)

This isn't how its supposed to be.. Why are there still clothes on me. You're here but you aren't close to me. We've never been so distant. You say that I chose to leave. I remember it different. I've been thinking, its better to know. The feelings sink in and never let go. The heaviest … Continue reading 2:28am (poem)

A Rose With No Petals

Silence in the room As tears run down the face of every individual Not a single happy tune plays in a time so difficult Nothing but sighs and sobs We look for consolidation we might find in God The years we’ve spent The tears we’ve lent The fears we’ve bent The cheers we’ve sent Are … Continue reading A Rose With No Petals