Love or Infatuation?

What is this admiration?
You are my aspiration.
So if this is my chance to tell you,
There will be no hesitation
Let your whispers be my bedtime story
As you lay on my chest in all your glory
All the intimacy
With twice the intricacy
Captivate my attention with each word that leaves your lips
I’ll orchestrate your ascension as my hands hold your hips.
Speak a little louder your words flow like lyrics
Your aura alone gives faith to the cynics
They may be abnormal actions but I love your antics
And as long as you’re in my ear I promise to never panic.

A Dream Come True

The dream wasn’t to be accepted, but to be equal.
I still dream not to see race, but to see people.
We can’t imagine love with hearts full of hatred
Love your enemies, even those who are racist.
One can only be bias with a basis.
So judge others on personality rather than the color of their faces.
Not only can we coexist,
But also look out for one another
With a little less hatred in the midst,
White man, Hispanic man, all my brothers.
One step closer, I’ve dreamed it through..
I look around and see a dream come true.


Feelings I can’t erase
For a girl I can’t replace
In this world we can’t waste
The little time we have
So I try to make it last
Should I leave my feelings in the past
And start another chapter
Instead of coming back after
All of the laughter
Should I get past her
I do believe
She’s the one I need
And I know it
Every time I read one of our old messages
It doesn’t get repetitive
She was my sedative
Gave you my heart
But it wasn’t enough
You didn’t just cuff
You arrested it
I relive the love
By reading our old messages.

Ease Your Mind

I want to know the secrets your mind holds.
The pain your heart has seen
I’ll dig deeper to find gold.
There’s more to you than what it seems
All the secrets untold
Watching it play out, the set and the theme
As our future continues to unfold,
Allow me to see your dreams
I promise not to tell a soul
I won’t sell it to the fiends
Ease your mind
Free your time
The fees of lies
Can lead the blind
Straight into the darkness
The same as the dead being heartless
Allow me to be your outlet.
If your thoughts are your outfit
I have every intention to undress you
Since the first impression I’ve tried to impress you.
A wall you’ve built that I plan to get through
You will be able to ease your mind
Experience peace and bliss
See that life can be sublime.
Many haven’t gotten a piece of this
We can all see, but still can be so blind.
Your secrets are safe with me.
Let you tell them so gracefully.
Just think of me as the pages in your diary.

Last Nights Make Up

Young girl living wild and free
Not the same child you used to be
You grew up fast
Your dads not around
And you got too much ass
I can see in your nightgown
Us niggas give you physical attention and you love it
Whether its in a bed or somewhere in public
You about it.
As for those clothes
Come up out it
No point in wasting time
You know exactly why I’m here
Body to body til I can feel your heart racing mine
You don’t have any fears.
You enjoy this life or so you say
I won’t argue with you anyway
Cause tomorrow you’ll do the same thing you did today
Just with a different nigga
You’re a gun loaded and cocked every night
Just waiting on someone to pull the trigger.
And he might
Last nights makeup shows how rough it was
You say there’s nothing as tough as love
This is the life you wanna live
But we both know what it is.
I’ll let you live in denial
The tears you cry every night can fill that river.
One day you want a child
But nobody wants yours so cold nights leave you to shiver.
Well… I told you so..
No nigga wants to hold a hoe
You can live a fun life
Tell me that’s how its done right
But at the end of it
Tears in your diary won’t let you read your own penmanship..
So.. How much did you truly gain?
Some local nigga fame.
Well… I told you so….

Reflection (poem)

I look into the mirror
But I can’t see my reflection
You touch my heart
But you can’t feel my affection
I never cared for teachers
But I finally learned my lesson
Such a slow death
I feel each stage of progression
I don’t know my own face
As I’m faced with such aggression
Young man. Big dreams.
Bad decisions. Good intention.
The air feels different
As I fall from my ascension
But I’m stuck on these memories,
The reason for my suspension. .
I walk the tight rope, the same one around my neck
I feel every bit of its tension.
So I swallowed the glass shards
Because I don’t know the man in my reflection.