Love or Infatuation?

What is this admiration? You are my aspiration. So if this is my chance to tell you, There will be no hesitation Let your whispers be my bedtime story As you lay on my chest in all your glory All the intimacy With twice the intricacy Captivate my attention with each word that leaves your … Continue reading Love or Infatuation?


A Dream Come True

The dream wasn't to be accepted, but to be equal. I still dream not to see race, but to see people. We can't imagine love with hearts full of hatred Love your enemies, even those who are racist. One can only be bias with a basis. So judge others on personality rather than the color … Continue reading A Dream Come True


Feelings I can't erase For a girl I can't replace In this world we can't waste The little time we have So I try to make it last Should I leave my feelings in the past And start another chapter Instead of coming back after All of the laughter Should I get past her I … Continue reading Messages

Ease Your Mind

I want to know the secrets your mind holds. The pain your heart has seen I'll dig deeper to find gold. There's more to you than what it seems All the secrets untold Watching it play out, the set and the theme As our future continues to unfold, Allow me to see your dreams I … Continue reading Ease Your Mind

Last Nights Make Up

Young girl living wild and freeNot the same child you used to beYou grew up fastYour dads not aroundAnd you got too much assI can see in your nightgownUs niggas give you physical attention and you love itWhether its in a bed or somewhere in publicYou about it.As for those clothesCome up out itNo point … Continue reading Last Nights Make Up

Reflection (poem)

I look into the mirror But I can't see my reflection You touch my heart But you can't feel my affection I never cared for teachers But I finally learned my lesson Such a slow death I feel each stage of progression I don't know my own face As I'm faced with such aggression Young … Continue reading Reflection (poem)