Touch (poem)

Pull me close when you kiss me Your chest pressed to mine And my lips against yours Let me know that you miss me Aggression and passion combine Katrina has nothing on the way that you pour I'm not sure if this feeling is love But I'm in love with this feeling And such a … Continue reading Touch (poem)


It Is What It Is (poem)

I get lost in your eyes trying to find my way into your arms. I know what to say but that's not just boyish charm My lips pressed against yours Not wondering what the future has in store. I tickle you to see the smile that brightens up my day You leave me speechless but … Continue reading It Is What It Is (poem)

Life’s Too Short (poem)

How do you console a person who just lost their mother. What comforting words can you say to the lady who's baby daughter just died. That's a love lost like no other A heart where emptiness will always reside No matter how much we think we understand we really don't Providing a shoulder to cry … Continue reading Life’s Too Short (poem)

I Am Happy, That’s Just The Saddest Lie (poem)

I don't listen to love songs now, So that I don't think of you.... I try to turn away from these feelings But somehow I'm always facing you Shit I'm still wishing you put your hand into mine let our fingers intertwine as our hearts realign I am happy, that's just the saddest lie A … Continue reading I Am Happy, That’s Just The Saddest Lie (poem)

random poetry

I want to put my trust in you No such thing as enough of you You say "go ahead put your all in" But I'm nervous cause what if I fall in I'm looking in from the view up here and it seems like a bottomless pit I'm not jumping in, cause unless someone's catching … Continue reading random poetry