Touch (poem)

Pull me close when you kiss me
Your chest pressed to mine
And my lips against yours
Let me know that you miss me
Aggression and passion combine
Katrina has nothing on the way that you pour
I’m not sure if this feeling is love
But I’m in love with this feeling
And such a beautiful point of view
The sensual way that you hug
My walls fall, along with my ceiling
A new high, and now I see that the only point is you.
And from this mountain top I admire your curves
Your effervescence makes me hope our love never meets evanescence because you capture heavens essence.
My attempt to capture your beautiful aura in words.

It Is What It Is (poem)

I get lost in your eyes trying to find my way into your arms.
I know what to say but that’s not just boyish charm
My lips pressed against yours
Not wondering what the future has in store.
I tickle you to see the smile that brightens up my day
You leave me speechless but there’s nothing I’m frightened to say.
I wish you were awake so we could talk until seven am
I won’t make a mistake cause an angel like you won’t fall out of heaven again

Life’s Too Short (poem)

How do you console a person who just lost their mother.
What comforting words can you say to the lady who’s baby daughter just died.
That’s a love lost like no other
A heart where emptiness will always reside
No matter how much we think we understand we really don’t
Providing a shoulder to cry on, you seem like a soldier in Zion
Everyone figures a different way to cope with a loss
For me I’m in denial, so that hope isn’t lost
The day it occurs until the burial are the worst
And every single day in between is just as mean
Dry tear stains on our shirts
Never ending sadness, or so it seems
I never saw this coming
Wish I could replace the last words I said to you
The tears just keep running.
Why couldn’t it be me instead of you..
But to the loved ones who are still alive,
Let me be the reason for smiles not why tears fill your eyes..
I’ll give you the best of me
Before I rest in peace

I Am Happy, That’s Just The Saddest Lie (poem)

I don’t listen to love songs now,
So that I don’t think of you….
I try to turn away from these feelings
But somehow I’m always facing you
Shit I’m still wishing you put your hand into mine let our fingers intertwine as our hearts realign
I am happy, that’s just the saddest lie
A constant smile on my face
Feelings I wish I could erase
Drinking liquor with no chase
Taking blunts to the face
Wait. .
I don’t even do this
My “no” seems useless
Killing my insides
Because the pain is so ruthless.
I won’t be defined by the blinds because you can’t see the signs of my hands that I want you in mine so I keep you in mind
I am happy, that’s just the saddest lie
A master of masking my pain
A wimp because I simp to the pain
My friends won’t notice
I’m happy on the outside
Inside I’m hopeless
But you only see the outline
You never see the pills that I pop
Taking shots but not from the cops
I know by now my liver begins to rot
But it helps keep you off my mind.
hourglass shape but you’re a waist of time. You know I hate the line, but the wait is fine.
I am happy, that’s just the saddest lie.

random poetry

I want to put my trust in you
No such thing as enough of you
You say “go ahead put your all in”
But I’m nervous cause what if I fall in
I’m looking in from the view up here and it seems like a bottomless pit
I’m not jumping in, cause unless someone’s catching I’m not down for this shit.
You don’t bounce back up from heights this high,
Many have tried, but all just die.
There’s nothing in the world like this ride