Souvenir (Love Is A Battlefield)

You can have my broken heart as a souvenir
Its in need of a few repairs.
And the motor needs to be replaced.
A couple scars and battle wounds can be erased.
Are you willing to put the work in?
You can say yes, but I won’t know for certain
Pain built up after a couple years
Who knows if it was worth the tears.
I can’t say it’s in great condition.
But I can guarantee its efficient
Can’t see inside, the windows are tinted.
But flaws wont exist when it’s finished
Don’t treat it like its last owner.
If you want it you got it, its not a loaner.
There’s a strict no return policy
Because I don’t want to hear apologies.

The Joy Of A Womans Love

The question isn’t am I amazed
Its what am I amazed by?
Which one of your traits
Leaves me lost in daytime
Stuck in a daze
You’re something I think I like, great minds.
You’re aura alone is ineffable
Your personality so respectable
I’m weak by the simplicity of your touch
…. How incredible.
I attempt to avoid cliches
But they all seem to fit so well
Moving forward without replays
Gravity took full effect when I fell
Your style, your smile. Everything original..
I guess that’s the reason my heads flipping like reciprocals.
You stole my attention a while back, smooth criminal.
The way I feel for you is far from typical
Words can’t describe
The feeling I get inside
When your body’s close to mine
And we look into each others eyes..
The only thing between us is affection
That moment right there is perfection.
Hooked on it, I could never resort to another drug
I guess all in all that’s the joy of a woman’s love


At a young age I indulged in music
I’ve never enjoyed silence
The sound blocked out the noise of my parents blown fuses
I found calmness a midst the violence
Whether it be verbal or physical
Some found herbal as their miracle.
I found my escape within myself
A little something that would help
When mommy and daddy fought,
My soul paid the cost.
Cause at 7 years old what the fuck am I supposed to do
I don’t mean to get emotional
But seeing your mom break down with the lights off at 2am in the kitchen
One of the worst moments of my life and all I could do was listen
Wyclef ft Mary J Blige -911 played in the background
To this day I know every word looking back now
I had my N’Sync No Strings Attached and Ushers 8701 in constant rotation
Don’t judge me
At 10 years old I saw song writing as my vocation
It was lovely
10 years later I still turn to music as my escape
I think too much in silence
Poetry and music allow me to show all love, no hate
And as long as music is in my ears there’s no inner self inflicted violence.