A Dream Come True

The dream wasn’t to be accepted, but to be equal.
I still dream not to see race, but to see people.
We can’t imagine love with hearts full of hatred
Love your enemies, even those who are racist.
One can only be bias with a basis.
So judge others on personality rather than the color of their faces.
Not only can we coexist,
But also look out for one another
With a little less hatred in the midst,
White man, Hispanic man, all my brothers.
One step closer, I’ve dreamed it through..
I look around and see a dream come true.

Diamond In The Rough

Still thinking the things my lips cant say. You may not be flawless but it seems that way, the little things count the most, and I’ll never let go of my hope. Just another poem about you I’ll never finish, because if this isn’t our thing, then I’m wasting minutes. Give it a second. And when it comes to chances, can I be given a second? They say time teaches, I learned my lesson.

Little Things

I tell you you’re beautiful every time we talk..
your outline drawn from Gods own chalk
But your beauty is way deeper than skin
It’s the girl I know that lies within
It’s completely amazing and simply breathtaking
So I remind you every single day
Your looks alone leave necks breaking
I yearn to love you in every single way.
Teach me about yourself
I believe the inner being is true wealth
Just know when I say that you’re beautiful
It isn’t at shallow as it seems.
Its every inch of your body and soul down to your cuticles
..The girl of my dreams.

Diced Pineapples

Diced pineapples, Its the little things that count
Too much isn’t a satisfactory amount
More than perfect
A couple miracles in sequence
A goddess to be worshiped
your every action is ingenious
I’m in love with your every motion
But don’t get caught up in the moment
Cause moments always fade
If you’re willing to be my aid
Let your lips be my I.V
And your breath be the air I breathe

But right now, no words just actions
My focus is on you with no distractions
I guess I’m you, if you are what you eat
Somewhat bitter but still so sweet
My diced pineapples