gum wrapper

when i'm in class i pull out a piece of gum and write a line of poetry on the wrapper.


A Dream Come True

The dream wasn't to be accepted, but to be equal. I still dream not to see race, but to see people. We can't imagine love with hearts full of hatred Love your enemies, even those who are racist. One can only be bias with a basis. So judge others on personality rather than the color … Continue reading A Dream Come True

Diamond In The Rough

❤ Still thinking the things my lips cant say. You may not be flawless but it seems that way, the little things count the most, and I'll never let go of my hope. Just another poem about you I'll never finish, because if this isn't our thing, then I'm wasting minutes. Give it a second. … Continue reading Diamond In The Rough

Diced Pineapples

Diced pineapples, Its the little things that count Too much isn't a satisfactory amount More than perfect A couple miracles in sequence A goddess to be worshiped your every action is ingenious I'm in love with your every motion But don't get caught up in the moment Cause moments always fade If you're willing to … Continue reading Diced Pineapples