Black City

Alone on these city streets
But God doesn’t pity me
Everything is blacked out
Walking down a one way dead end street
And I can’t back down
Triangular stop sign where best friends meet.
Its like running miles on a treadmill
I’m going nowhere fast
I wonder what lies ahead still
Even if its my past.
The perspective of a man at an intersection
I try to explain myself but they never understand
Even with brain dissection
Nobody to play with, so fuck having the upper hand
My mind runs a mile a minute
But there’s no line to finish
A crossroad of dead ends.
Like a world full of dead men
I feel the loneliest when I’m surrounded by crowds..

Its For The Best

Feed my heart with lies

I wont even ask why

I’m the one to blame

The one who feels ashamed

Cause you couldn’t be tamed

I guess I shouldve known better..

I shouldve known better

I’ll just sit here and wonder

Wonder how

How and why and who

You say its for the best,

The best for who?

But I won’t love you any less

I shoulda knew.

Someone would do the things 

I wouldn’t do

So I’ll ask again

The best for who

I guess its you..

But I’ll take the blame as usual

The world is too beautiful 

For you to feel suitable

But I’ll become heartless

Because of the hardships

You put me through

I shoulda knew

A few girls hearts broken

A little bit of love lost

Maybe I’ll start smoking

Yeah I took my gloves off

Now look how many people I’ve hurt

Look how many lives I’ve ruined

See how many nerves I’ve worked

And in the end it was all your doing

i did the things yu suggest i do

im breaking hearts now just like you

i break apart now, i guess you knew

so i’ll ask again… the best for who

until then… i guess its you

Cops (product of my environment)

Hold the cul-de-sac hostage
You niggers won’t prosper
While I’m sipping java
My kids could be doctors
Meanwhile you in the doctors
Your kids could be shottas
My gun means I’m powerful
So these kids want the power too
You can’t equal the playing field
Its up for grabs
But not if you play in-field
How long will it last.
Crabs in a barrel
Aiming down the barrel
Cause although you’re at the top,
You aint getting out
See how quickly you drop
When the guns in your mouth.
Its a never ending cycle
Unless you alter your approach
Cause the cops will never like you
Until you’re just a ghost

Red Roses & Gold Trojans #1

I’ve never been to heaven
But when I’m in your presence
It feels just like heaven
I could write a million love letters
Saying I promise to do better
But I’d rather prove it.
I know I have your heart..
I’m just scared to lose it
You gave me your love
I don’t want to abuse it
This is how I open up…
I don’t want another love
I don’t want anything else
Honestly you make my heart melt.
So the poems I write you are heart-felt.
I love you so deeply
I know it’s not easy
I wanna be your Shakespeare
Cause you found a way to erase fears
I feel comfortable with you,
I feel right.
I feel perfection with you
My wife
My heart is pounding
I want your arms surrounding
Every inch of my body
Nothing could stop me
From giving you all of my love.
I know I confuse you.
I apologize
But I’d never refuse you
And those eyes.
I’m happy you and me
Became “we”
And honestly
Although you feel like my nothing
You’re much more than something.
I could say you’re my everything
And you deserve a wedding ring
But you’re more than that
We’ve been through every obstacle we’ve conquered impossible
You know what we’ve gone through
You are who I belong to
I’d never wrong you
I’m trying to be a better man
I’m dying for you to be my #1 fan
I’m crying to be yours
Priceless love I can’t afford
Wishing to be with you every minute
This isn’t a race for love, cause it has no finish.
I know what love is, cause I’m in it
But only with you
I’m lonely, I miss you.
I know I’ve been trippin
But its you I been missin
I sit and listen
As the clocks ticking
I’m counting down til you come back to me
Nobodys distracting me.
I’m focused on you
I noticed that you
Are really the only one I can trust
Sometimes I’m too much
But its like you can’t get enough
I’m happy you stuck around
I don’t wanna fuck up now.
I KNOW that you’re the one
It hurts when you say you’re done
This love has a little pain to it
But somehow WE remained through it
I know we’re meant to be
I know you’re meant for me

Danger Love

Limits don’t exist here.

We don’t bite our lips here.

Nor hold our tongues.

Not satisfied until my breath incapacitates her lungs.

Kissing you while switching in and out of lanes.

I wish for her blood to pump through my veins.

She is the contents of my syringe

occasionaly I tend to binge

so when I’m foaming from the mouth

she still lies within.

Swim Good

Swim good. Swim good
At this point I’d much rather drown in my sorrow
Finding peace in the bottles I’ll down tomorrow.
Holding back the tears of a man who’s been holding back for years.
Swim good.
I can’t see the tears come across my chin
And you don’t recognize what’s felt within.
I’m a man lost in your confusion
A heart that hopes its not in love with an illusion.
I’ve been waiting for something tangible
Cause my emotions have become cannibals
Eating at themselves. the good and the bad.
Toughening up, as to withstand the crash..


You blow off my attempts
So I knock it off but I’ll start again
I have my methods of self defense
I’m weak around you so I won’t pretend
That you don’t get to me
But I’m not sure how
Its still a mystery
Its possible I get stuck on occasion
I’ll use all forms of persuasion
Just to hold you, my inspiration.