Black City

Alone on these city streets But God doesn't pity me Everything is blacked out Walking down a one way dead end street And I can't back down Triangular stop sign where best friends meet. Its like running miles on a treadmill I'm going nowhere fast I wonder what lies ahead still Even if its my … Continue reading Black City


Its For The Best

Feed my heart with liesI wont even ask whyI'm the one to blameThe one who feels ashamedCause you couldn't be tamedI guess I shouldve known better..I shouldve known betterI'll just sit here and wonderWonder howHow and why and whoYou say its for the best,The best for who?But I won't love you any lessI shoulda knew.Someone … Continue reading Its For The Best

Cops (product of my environment)

Hold the cul-de-sac hostage You niggers won't prosper While I'm sipping java My kids could be doctors Meanwhile you in the doctors Your kids could be shottas My gun means I'm powerful So these kids want the power too You can't equal the playing field Its up for grabs But not if you play in-field … Continue reading Cops (product of my environment)

Red Roses & Gold Trojans #1

I've never been to heaven But when I'm in your presence It feels just like heaven I could write a million love letters Saying I promise to do better But I'd rather prove it. I know I have your heart.. I'm just scared to lose it You gave me your love I don't want to … Continue reading Red Roses & Gold Trojans #1

Danger Love

Limits don't exist here.We don't bite our lips here.Nor hold our tongues.Not satisfied until my breath incapacitates her lungs.Kissing you while switching in and out of lanes.I wish for her blood to pump through my veins.She is the contents of my syringeoccasionaly I tend to bingeso when I'm foaming from the mouthshe still lies within.

Swim Good

Swim good. Swim good At this point I'd much rather drown in my sorrow Finding peace in the bottles I'll down tomorrow. Holding back the tears of a man who's been holding back for years. Swim good. I can't see the tears come across my chin And you don't recognize what's felt within. I'm a … Continue reading Swim Good


You blow off my attemptsSo I knock it off but I'll start againI have my methods of self defenseI'm weak around you so I won't pretendThat you don't get to meBut I'm not sure howIts still a mysteryIts possible I get stuck on occasionI'll use all forms of persuasionJust to hold you, my inspiration.