Drunk Thoughts

I picked up the bottle
when I put you down
Lived life in full throttle
Til I hit a new ground
Got a bottle filled with pills
But you should’ve been prescribed to me
I was prepared for the pain
Not the despair and the games
So here I am washing away my sorrow
Drinking away the contents of this bottle
I guess that shit shattered
Its been torn and battered
But I can’t feel it anymore
Happy I’m finally numb
Shit I wasn’t ready for
I always said you were the one
But this stuff tends to happen I suppose
Some things in life are never told
Sad to say I would’ve proposed

Your Type Of Thing

I saw nothing special in you when our eyes first connected
Falling in love with you was something I expected
If I had the chance to re-do it all
Your heart would still be neglected
If only you knew you were all
But my love couldn’t be perfected.
My vision was clear since the beginning
I had no fears and my walls weren’t thinning
You didn’t infiltrate my mental facility
You could never facilitate my life with such simplicity
Your type of thing..

Poetry In Motion

Inspiration is key
Motivate your beliefs
Or get a taste of these streets
There’s really hate in these streets.
For you to succeed
White man would hate to see
The bitter taste of defeat
Don’t paralyze your mind
Or be a slave to the life you live
Let’s emphasize on our grind
Not get caught in the waves of their lies

What You Deserve

You deserve more than I can offer
I’d prefer to never say “I lost her”
I’ll continue attempting to reach your demands
No matter how high
As long as there’s connection between our hands
 Or communication between our eyes
I’m more than satisfied.
I’ll still try..
No matter how many times
I make failed attempts
You know what it meant
I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t care
If I could I’d break my stare
Nothing in this life is fair
I just hope God doesn’t take my air
And if you are my throne, I pray there is no heir

Parallel Lines

We are so distant but completely parallel
Both somewhat reserved, residing in our shell
I think it could be more
But its too early to tell
I haven’t felt this before
Break me from your spell
An affliction for a girl I haven’t met
Beats any addiction cause it can’t reset
No amount of therapy
No perfect recipe
Not all problems can be solved I guess,
Not all secrets should be confessed.
That’s just wishful thinking
To stop my ship from sinking
Parallel lines never cross
But I refuse to let an unfound love be lost