Drunk Thoughts

I picked up the bottle when I put you down Lived life in full throttle Til I hit a new ground Got a bottle filled with pills But you should've been prescribed to me I was prepared for the pain Not the despair and the games So here I am washing away my sorrow Drinking … Continue reading Drunk Thoughts


Your Type Of Thing

I saw nothing special in you when our eyes first connectedFalling in love with you was something I expectedIf I had the chance to re-do it allYour heart would still be neglectedIf only you knew you were allBut my love couldn't be perfected.My vision was clear since the beginningI had no fears and my walls … Continue reading Your Type Of Thing

What You Deserve

You deserve more than I can offer I'd prefer to never say "I lost her" I'll continue attempting to reach your demands No matter how high As long as there's connection between our hands ¬†Or communication between our eyes I'm more than satisfied. I'll still try.. No matter how many times I make failed attempts … Continue reading What You Deserve