Just Another Love Poem

Just another love poem to add to your collection

just like all the others i’ll talk about our connection

the first time i saw you in your stilettoes

I knew i was Pinocchio ad you were Mr. Geppetto

you pull the strings to my heart

and if things fell apart

I’d pick up all the pieces

and be careful not to crease it

just another love poem to add to your collection

just another one to show you all my affection.

Capturing Scattered Thoughts

I don’t know what you see in me

I hope its more than the scenery

its quite possible here is where i need to be

sometimes.. i feel flustered

cause my mind is constantly cluttered

full of thoughts i never uttered

you got me finding euphoria 

while surrounded by paranoia

you never cease to amaze me..

the true definition of a lady..

i dont really wanna pass that up

i know its love and im stuck in lust

damn.. there i fucking go again

i got feelings to but i wont ever notice them

maybe from time to time 

i treat you sub par knowing you’re sublime

this could start a war but its worth it

a queen like you deserves to be worshipped

that might occur but i doubt it

id rather you whisper than to shout it

nothing last forever however love is timeless

we can last together loving you is mindless

i’ll call you so you can hear my vocal joints..

eyes stuck on you, you maintain my focal point

shes got me going places it usually hurts to go..

not sure if this is love, but definitely vertigo.

you know who i am may differ from typical me

you know way more than just physical me

Fell in love with you, I won’t ever try to climb out,

you logged into my heart, I pray you never go to sign out

I don’t know what you see in me,

I hope its more than the scenery,

words can’t describe how much your love means to me

Although our love isn’t traditional,

the love stands unconditional

All Is Fair

All is fair in love and war

we come out with bruises and scars

but what are we fighting for

we used to shine amongst the stars

but shine wears off in time

even the blind can see the signs

til death do us part

that was the agreement

I forever hold your heart

that alone is an achievement

neither of us can come out of this unscathed

occasionally we’ll travel along roads unpaved

but iloveyou nonetheless

and we’ll continue to progress.