death bed

Gone through dozens of pieces of paper
Thinking I should just come back later
Because I don’t know how to get it out
Its on the tip of my tongue, but can’t escape my mouth
To me, the rest are just distractions
Words only vividly describe our attraction
Our hearts are magnetic
the rest are pathetic
That’s why you cuffed my heart
Cardiac arrest
And when we’re apart
it deepens pains in my chest
You’re my oxygen, I need you through my lifetime
Look deep inside and you might find
That you are my lifeline
I miss the constant texts
And you can bet
Your voice makes me shiver
Because of the way it’s delivered
Through the phone, in my ear and down my spine
The way I feel inside I can’t describe
But without you here I can’t survive

Domino Effect

My most prized possession
The gift of your affection
Lost in my aggression
I don’t make you fall for me on purpose
Your trust can’t be earned back
Nor can it be purchased
Time can never turn back
But that doesn’t make it worthless
I set you up with the intentions of knocking you down
So I’d understand your resentment if you felt it now
You shouldn’t be surprised
The scene just repeats
You fall for my disguise
And think we play for keeps

Capturing Scattered Thoughts

I don’t know what you see in me

I hope its more than the scenery

its quite possible here is where i need to be

sometimes.. i feel flustered

cause my mind is constantly cluttered

full of thoughts i never uttered

you got me finding euphoria 

while surrounded by paranoia

you never cease to amaze me..

the true definition of a lady..

i dont really wanna pass that up

i know its love and im stuck in lust

damn.. there i fucking go again

i got feelings to but i wont ever notice them

maybe from time to time 

i treat you sub par knowing you’re sublime

this could start a war but its worth it

a queen like you deserves to be worshipped

that might occur but i doubt it

id rather you whisper than to shout it

nothing last forever however love is timeless

we can last together loving you is mindless

i’ll call you so you can hear my vocal joints..

eyes stuck on you, you maintain my focal point

shes got me going places it usually hurts to go..

not sure if this is love, but definitely vertigo.

you know who i am may differ from typical me

you know way more than just physical me

Fell in love with you, I won’t ever try to climb out,

you logged into my heart, I pray you never go to sign out

I don’t know what you see in me,

I hope its more than the scenery,

words can’t describe how much your love means to me

Although our love isn’t traditional,

the love stands unconditional.

i love you

Could It Be

We are so distant but completely parallel
Both somewhat reserved, residing in our shell
I think it could be more
But its too early to tell
I haven’t felt this before
Break me from your spell
An aflliction for a girl I haven’t met
Beats any addiction cause it can’t reset
No amount of therapy
No perfect recipe
Not all problems can be solved I guess,
Not all secrets should be confessed.
That’s just wishful thinking
To stop my ship from sinking
Parallel lines never cross
But I refuse to let an unfound love be los

The Cycle

Chapter 1 – Peace
Chapter 2 – Happiness
Chapter 3 – Love
Chapter 4 – The Climax
Chapter 5 – The Peak
Chapter 6 – The Fall
Repeat The Cycle


Lord knows the allure
of her galore
is more than man could afford.
Her interior is full of the most beautiful decor.
Yet inferior is the best description of her report.
Her worst enemy
is her own habits and tendencies.
The view from my eyes
seems somewhat of a high rise.
If only you could notice how in comparison
other girls seem hopeless, its embarrassing.